Publications and presentations (selected)

Presentations and Publications (more available on request)

I have an established interest in vertebral and foot pathology and I have pursued research into these conditions for more than three decades: In doing so I have:-

  • Encouraged and stimulated a number of workers to enter related basic research and from this the following have evolved, all of which were derived from my original work and concepts, or in which I had a major role in formulating the progress.
  • Acted as supervisor or examiner for the University of Cape Town in connection with the following under-graduate and post graduate theses.
    1. B.Sc Engineering Thesis: University of Cape Town. Forces across the Paravertebral Joints of the Lumbar-sacral Region, (Ingstrom Analysis) 1984, J Bruyns
    2. B.Sc. Engineering Thesis: University of Cape Town. Design of a Stereotactic positioning device for Surgical
      Application 1985, R Phaal [World-wide patent]
    3. B.Sc. Hons. Med (Anat) Thesis: University of Cape Town. An investigation into the Morphology of the
      Lumbar Sacral Spine with a Correlation of Stereo-radiometric & Absolute Measurement 1987, D Constant
    4. B.Sc. Survey Thesis: University of Cape Town. Measurement of Three Dimensional Human Movements in
      Space using Photogrametic Techniques 1988, I Thomas
    5. South African Foundation Research Fellowship Project (in association with Medical Research Council). Test Set
      for Three Dimensional Motion 1989, A Gubler
    6. B.Sc. Survey Thesis: University of Cape Town. Quantitative representation of Head movements using
      Motography In Medical Research 1989, V Papiniculon
    7. B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering Thesis: (1990) University of Cape Town. An initial investigation into a supportive
      device for the head, to be used after injuries to or surgery upon the neck 1990, P Stephanis
    8. B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering Thesis (1990) University of Cape Town. A new concept in neck support collars
    9. B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering Thesis: University of Stellenbosch. A design for measuring changes in centre of
      gravity following Perturbation 1999, Willem Botha
    10. B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering Thesis: University of Stellenbosch. Energy dissipation in human beings 2001,
      Gareth Gates
    11. B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering Thesis: University of Cape Town. The repair of broken knee caps using flexible, bio absorbable implants 2001, N. A. Karbanee
    12. M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering Theses: University of Stellenbosch. An apparatus for studying the postural dynamics of counter-perturbation dorsiflexion. 2003, Jan Botha.
  • Written the following papers. (Senior author acknowledged when I was not prime author)
    1. Unnecessary Morbidity from Breast Surgery, Can Med Assoc Journal 106, 750; 1972
    2. Home Office versus the NHS, BMJ 2(6096), 1225-1226; 1977
    3. Discography Simplified, SAMJ 55(25), 1016; 1979
    4. The Geometry of the Paravertebral Joints by Biostereometric Measurements (Paper, 4th International Meeting on Biostereometrics, Cannes 1985: Senior Author – LP Adams)
    5. The Determination of Posture Control as an Index of Non Specific Brain Damage. Symposium, Brain and Behaviour. South African Neuropsychological Association Congress, University of Cape Town, September 1986
    6. Medico-Legal Aspects of Motor Vehicle Accidents. SAMJ 70(12), 747-749; 1986
    7. Arthroscopy – Expertise, expedience and expectation. Editorial SAMJ 70(11), 652; 1986
    8. The Surgical Anatomy of the fifth lumbar spinal nerve root. SAMJ 70(13), 846; 1986
    9. Caudal epidural analgesia for neurogenic pain. SAMJ 70(8), 506-508; 1986
    10. Quantitation of Motion in Subjects with Minor Motor Abnormalities South African Association for Physicists in Medicine and Biology: 28th Annual Congress March 1988: Senior author – M Benatar
    11. Death due to crutch walking. SAMJ 75(10), 504; 1989
    12. Plastic packaging bands. SAMJ 77, 434; 1990
    13. Biostereometric Determination of Movements of Reference Points on the Face resulting from Cervical motion
    14. Motion in Normal Subjects (Senior author – A Tregidga). Association of Medical Physicists, 1992
    15. Intradural Migration of Disc and Bone Particles (Spine, Feb 1992)
    16. Fractures of the radius. A pathological and mechanical study. Presented at the Annual Congress of the South African Society for Surgery of the Hand, 1992
    17. The Whiplash Injury. Invited lecturer: Medico-Legal Symposium, University of Natal. September 1991
    18. The Construction of a Medico-Legal Report: ibid.
    19. Analysis of Motion of the Head. L P Adams PhD, A Tregidga, J P Driver-Jowitt FRCSI, P Selby NTD and S Wynchank MD : Spine 19(3), 266-271; 1994
    20. Colles’ Fracture – unraveling the mystery. Invited lecturer, International Association of Societies for Surgery of the Hand, Helsinki, 1995
    21. Compensation for Disabilities. SAMJ 86(3), 233; 1996
    22. Novel Proprioceptive Action in Stepping Down. S. Wynchank, L.P. Adams, J.P. Driver-Jowitt, P. Selby, B van Geems, Medical Hypotheses 49, 81-83; 1997
    23. The anatomy of the facet joint is the key to much low back pain. 10 October 1997. Continued Professional Development. Invited lecture.
    24. Puppetry in Court, New Scientist, p55 13 December 1997
    25. Transpedicular Lumbar-sacral Fixation for Non-traumatic Disorders. J Bone Joint Surg Br 80(1), 180; 1998
    26. ’Kickbacks’. SAMJ 88(1), 56-57; 1998
    27. “Symptomatic” radiograms in asymptomatic patient’s .Continued Professional Development. Invited lecture. 16 October 1998
    28. Chiropractic Association of South Africa, National Symposium, May 1998. Guest Speaker and Panelist
    29. Access to Medical Records. De Rebus (Journal of the Law Societies of South Africa) June 1998
    30. Outcomes following Spinal Surgery. Journal Bone and Joint Surgery (British) February 1998
    31. Pre-graduate Internship. South African Medical Journal
    32. Protecting the Public, guiding the Profession. South African Medical Journal 88(5), 579; 1998
    33. What is thing called Science. 16 October 1998. Continued Professional Development. Invited lecture.
    34. Sports Medicine Association (WP). Guest Speaker, 1999
    35. Forcing Patterns of Practice could be Misguided. SAMJ 89(5), 492, 494-5; 1999
    36. Meta-analysis is Dangerous! BMJ 319(7205), 302-303; 1999
    37. Forefoot Deformities. Please tell me why? Guest Lecturer, South African Society for Podiatry, Biennial Conference, 1999
    38. Straight thinking to Uncrook Colles’ Fracture. 6 August 1999. Continued Professional Development. Invited lecture.
    39. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. BMJ 22September 1999
    40. Chronic Knee Pain. Medical Chronicle, August 2000
    41. Neurological Orthopaedics: 3 short stories, 6 October 2000 Continued Professional Development. Invited lecture.
    42. Postmodernism, the Law and Ethical Dilemmas in Medicine. S Afr. Med J 2000; 90: 834
    43. Advertising and the Medical Profession. S Afr. Med J 2001; 91(4): 270
    44. Old Lamps New Lights. Fracture Management Reviewed. 12 October 2001. Continued Professional Development. Invited lecture.
    45. A Critical Look at Professional Liability Insurance. 11 October 2002. Continued Professional Development. Invited lecture.
    46. Case Presentations. 14 March 2003. Continued Professional Development. Invited lecture.
    47. The patho-dynamics of Morton’s metatarsalgia. South African Society for Foot and Ankle Surgeons. 3 May 2003.
    48. Oliver St John Gogarty. November 2003 Invited biographical lecture
    49. Causative factors in Hallux Valgus. The South African Podiatry Association-Cape Branch. 16 October 2003.
    50. Abstract ND Burman, F Thornley & J Driver-Jowitt, Cape Town.
      Jnl British Menopause Society 2005.11.181 – 2. .
    51. Could Body Composition affect Steroids and Metabolic Syndrome? Invited paper at XI International Menopause Congress Buenos Aires Oct 2005: ND Burman, R Cheifitz, J Driver-Jowitt, AJ Bunn, A Alperstein. Abstract: Climacteric 2005.10.S13-14
    52. Of Mice and Men: Body Composition Ergonomics and Metabolic Syndrome: Poster 5th International Congress, Internat Society for Study of Aging Males, Salzburg Feb 2006:
    53. The Aging Male: Abstract: ND Burman, AJ Bunn, J Driver-Jowitt.: 2006.9.65.
  • Lectured frequently on the above subjects to varied groups such as :-
    1. Physiotherapy Manipulation Therapy Group
    2. Post-Graduate Hospital Meetings
    3. Physiotherapy Undergraduate Students
    4. Association of Insurance Underwriters
    5. Sports Science Centre Post-Graduate Programme
    6. Lectures arranged by the Back Pain Group, Biomedical Engineering, University of Cape Town
    7. Numerous lectures to general practitioners, physiotherapists, nursing staff, chiropractors and podiatrists
  • Acted as referee/reviewer, for many peer review medical journals:
    1. Regular book reviews for the South African Medical Journal, e.g.
    2. Lumbar Microsurgery 1990, 77: 434
    3. Bio-mechanical Measurements in Orthopaedics 1986, 70: 711 (See annual Index SAMJ for full list)
  • Established a Study Collection of Human Vertebral Columns, assembled as in vivo, in conjunction with the Department of Anatomy, University of Cape Town
  • • Numerous review articles and book reviews have been published in reputable Medical Journals

  • Established the Peninsula Orthopaedic Society, acting as Founding Chairman 1997,1998

• The Forefoot and its Abnormalities, Neurological Orthopaedic Surgery

Other Research Directions

  • Trial of Colchicine in the treatment of “discogenic pain”. (Under approval of Medicines Control Council)
  • The development of sterotactic positioning device, in conjunction with Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Cape Town
  • Development of Digital Stereoscopic Tomography, in conjunction with Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Cape Town
  • Vertebral movement, pathological and anatomical as investigated by technique of digital stereoscopy
  • The dynamics of progressive second metatarsophalangeal dislocation in the foot
  • Dorsiflexometer – In conjuncture with University of Stellenbosch, Department of Electrical Engineering, Jan Botha et al. Provisional Patent of unique device for measuring foot dynamics.

Teaching Experience

  • Lecturer orthopaedic surgery, University of Cape Town 1977 -1981.
  • Numerous subsequent lectures undertaken, some of which are illustrated in the research portfolio (available on request)
  • Visiting Professor of Surgery, National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe. Current.
  • Visiting lecturer, University of Western Cape. Current
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