Is there a solution to my foot problem?




(Name withheld) Thanks again for your emails. In March this year, I had a Weil’s Osteotomy so as to correct my hammer toe which was the one next to my big toe and not the middle toe like the toe in your photograph. Since the first operation in March, then again in April, when they removed the screw as my body rejected it – it is now October, the toe is still very stiff and it is still floating (looking awful is the least). I saw a podiatrist a few times and he has now done a wedge on the middle toe next to the hammer toe which was operated on, he told me that all my body weight is now on the toe next to the operated toe, or something to that effect. The very worst of course for me is the hard lump/callous which is now underneath my foot, like a tight knot lump there and if I don’t wear an orthotic insole for walking, I’ve had it – even when I do wear one, the throbbing recurs. I can’t take pain tablets all the time, so I am just learning to live with it. After what I went through, if there is a solution?

Response: The Weil osteotomy is discussed in the pages

The patient in the picture which you refer to had four procedures before I got to see it. The second toe (next to the great) on the left had some kind of osteotomy, and was “floating” perhaps like yours. The third toe probably looks as your second toe did pre-operatively. The hard lump is a direct result of your toe abnormality, and can be predicted to worsen progressively unless surgically corrected. There is, very definitely, a solution. I look forward to seeing you and explaining the mechanism and background of your problem.