Museings on Gait

There seem to be a number of “periferal” components to gait.
The first concept is that the position of the ankle is critical. There is only a small area of the sole of the foot through which the center of gravity of the body as a whole can be accepted, probably less than two square centimeters. Thus I have coined the term “posture priority” structure(s).
Any interference with the ability to dispose the CofG into that critical area will markedly impede gait.
It is, of course, possible to compensate by adjusting other parts, such as the lower limbs or the vertebrae to ensure that the CofG is placed correctly, but often at a price (for example back pain). This kinetic cascade up the lower limbs to the vertebrae and even further (look at a spastic attempting to walk), is at a price – perhaps in energy costs, but also in pain and destruction of the skeleton (Yes! But too complex to relate here. Suffice it to say that of the persons who consult me because of foot deformities – bunions, clawed toes, etc., 50% have had, or are planning to have total knee “replacements”. Yes, 50%!.)
This letter is getting too long, and so much of what I wish to say about periferal factors I will leave for another day.

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