Hallux Valgus Paradox

Typical Hallux valgus does not cause a degenerative arthritis in the great “mt”p joint. Gross distortion, with subluxation of the phalanx, does produce degenerative changes, but of a different type.

However it is the “aligned” great toe which evolves into osteoarthritic damage (the “Hallux Rigidus”)

A problem which arise are that the symptoms of patients with pain at the “mt”p joint are not taken seriously at family practitioner level. There is a reason for that, which is the unsatisfactory and highly painful, surgery currently “conventional” for the great toe.

  1. Instead the patient is often advised to “wait until it gets worse”, before obtaining expert advice. The tragic outcome is that (otherwise preventable) destructive changes are allowed to evolve.
  2. Another problem is that “straightening” the great toe converts a hallux valgus (itself infrequently painful) into an incapacitating destruction of the great “mt”p joint. This is illustrated below.

The etiologies of these evolutions are clear, and easily comprehended.


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